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NOW PLAYING: WAITING ROOM 16 by José Manuel Carrasco

Original Title: Consulta 16

Two strangers waiting... two lives in a halt... a woman who runs away and a man ready to carry on living...


Every year, Pragda pores through over 200 entries to bring you ShortMetraje, where we show the world outside of Spain the incredible depth of our short film industry. Usually, we select 8 tantalizing films to present at the New York City's Film Society of Lincoln Center, representing a culture responsible for over 300 shorts a year and over 100 festivals.

This year, we're showing off the diversity in vision and style by bringing it to the world beyond our New York audience. And so, we're thrilled to present ShortMetraje ONLINE, in support of our 2009 FESTIVAL OF NEW SPANISH CINEMA currently on a sweeping U.S. tour. Discover the very latest Spanish talents before they become household names. Films made with 100 Euros, films made in a day, films that mix Hi-8 and Scope, films made with absolutely no original footage, and no shortage of extravagance and the usual Spanish spice. Come on in and enjoy!