Spanish with English subtitles

On May 15th, 2011, everything changed, or maybe nothing. Tens of thousands of citizens occupied streets and squares in Spain for what was going to be the beginning of the biggest social change in Spanish society and in the minds of the people as well. Or maybe not… And it wasn’t a single 15M movement; there were many 15M movements, as many as there were people involved. 15M: Excellent. A Wake-Up Call. Important. follows one such experience in Madrid. Not the most important or the most spectacular. Just one.

About the Director
Interested in film and television since he was a child, Stéphane M. Grueso developed his career in Spain and Germany, where he lived and worked for seven years. He started working in TV programs and fiction films before turning to non-fiction filmmaking. He had a great experience traveling all around Europe, shooting and editing news and reportages for TVE (Spanish Public Broadcaster) before moving into directing and producing documentary films.

He returned to Spain to join the production company Elegant Mob Films as a partner. He also gave classes on Film Directing, Editing, Lightning, and Audio, as well as Non-Linear Editing and Documentary Film Production. His last film is Copyright, Or The Right To Copy a documentary + web project about intellectual property.