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What would you do with a second chance? At seventeen, Camila got too used to win. Smart and beautiful, she has managed to achieve every goal. She loves swimming and doesn’t know failure. However, the water that has given her success in the recent past, now leads her to the biggest setback of her life: a cerebrovascular accident (CVA) that will force her to reinvent herself with courage, humor, and love.

Inspired by a true story of bravery and resilience, Camila’s Awakening offers an enlightening way to discuss how we view disability and its portray in the media as well as a refreshing look at one of the world’s main causes of acquired disability that is surprisingly more frequent among young people than imagined.

About the Director
Rosario Jiménez Gili studied in several academic institutions, gaining a multidisciplinary education; among them the Terza Universita degli studi di Roma, the Universidad Católica de Chile, the Escuela de Cine San Antonio de los Baños de Cuba and the New York Film Academy. Jiménez Gili worked as an editor in feature films such as Matar a Todos by Esteban Schroeder, and she has directed several short films and two seasons of the series VidaConCiencia. Camila’s Awakening is her first feature length film.

“RECOMENDED. Based on a true story, the often lightly humorous film is both sympathetic and realistic in its depiction of Camila’s struggle to be seen by herself, her family, and others as more than her disability.”EMRO

“Camila’s experience produces empathy in the spectator, and this is a point in favor of the director and the performance of her lead actress.” – Nathalia Quijada, Emol

“With ingenuity, the film uses humor to transform its genre from tragedy to comedy. Through humor, Camila manages to evolve physically and emotionally. Her learning is full of positive energy, exuding a message of strength and fortitude.”Incorrectas

“Francisca Walker (actress) did a great job studying her character’s limited motor and communication skills.”Candilejas

Notes on Film

“We don’t have many opportunities to see films that portray stories of disability. In Chile there are more than 3 million people with disabilities, and the majority are acquired disabilities (not from birth). Camila’s Awakening tries to add to a culture of inclusivity.”

– Rosario Jiménez-Gili, director