Girl in Yellow Heels-Latin Cinema Girl in Yellow Heels-Latin Cinema Girl in Yellow Heels-Latin Cinema
  • BAFICI - Buenos Aires Independent Int´l Film Festiva

  • Mar del Plata Independent Int´l Film Festival

  • Leonardo Favio Film Festival - Argentina

    Best Film
  • Latin And Caribbean Margarita Film Festival

    Best Debut Film
  • Leipzig Latin American Film Festival - Germany

  • Punta del Este Women Film Festival - Uruguay

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In Spanish with English subtitles

With Mercedes Burgos, Manuel Vignau, María Fernandez Dominguez, Emiliana di Pasquo, Lucas Gauna, Sergio Hinojosa,
Omar La Fuente, Hugo Rufino Choque.

For an entire year, a small town assumes the construction of a big hotel. Isabel, a 15-year-old local girl starts working at the premises along with her mother, as she slowly realizes she’s become the men’s object of attraction. Days go by and -upon different incitement events- Isabel is drawn to use her seduction to obtain the things she wants. That unspoken power will take her along unknown paths, where the value of her beauty is nothing but the flip-side of her submission to a sexist eye.

About the Director

She was born in Buenos Aires on 1986 and she graduates from Universidad del Cine as a film director. In 2013, she moves to Los Angeles, California, to work as a producer for Sony Studios.

The Girl In Yellow Heels is her first feature as a director which she also wrote and produced. Screened at over 20 festivals around the world, the film won several international awards. On 2015 she founded her own production house Libre Cine that emerges to produce independent films, focusing specially on first features. In 2016, she produces her second feature as a director Mother Of The Woods.


“Luján Loioco's film treats a young girl's sexual awakening with dignity.” – Alejandro Lingenti, LA NACION

“Reflects on a complex issue with decision and personality.” – Horacio Bilbao, CLARIN

“Luminous, sensual, and touched with an indomitable beauty like its own protagonist, The Girl in Yellow Heels marks a work to follow.” – Fran Gayo, BAFICI

Notes on Film

“A 15-year-old girl runs down a narrow dirt track; she desperately moves amongst the hills until she reaches a park. She bursts into a party and becomes the spotlight. Isabel dances. She unfolds her body and sensuality, not being aware of nothing else around her”.

This is how “La niña de tacones amarillos” begins. In a matter of minutes, it invites us into Isabel’s world. A deep-rooted character that lives and experiences life through her body. A free spirit, without constraints, that moves around a landscape that seems endless. The film tells Isabel’s transformation; her going from child to woman, as well as the assimilation of this Argentinean plateau small town into the world of consumerism. The intention is not to show Isabel’s change from the natural viewpoint of a human being as they mature, but, instead, to portray – from my own vision- what it means to become a woman and to transform yourself in the pre-conceived self imposed by the capitalist society. Where rules and structures are still being held by strong bad sexist habits.

The Girl In yellow Heels emerges from very intimate questioning. Who am I, and how much of me belongs to me or it’s been acquired? What would last of me, if I had been born in a different type of society? We find ourselves searching for the edge between what seems imposed and what’s “real” and inherent, what would eventually last in ourselves in any possible type of society.”