License Agreement

Please be advised that your purchase of a Film from Pragda is subject to the conditions below:

  1. In the case of perpetual DSL licenses, “purchase” constitutes a lease for the life of the media. DSL licenses may also be purchased for a 3-year period. License periods can be renegotiated with Pragda once lapsed.
  2. Films purchased from Pragda are licensed with PPR (Public Performance Rights) for non-commercial and educational exhibitions for a maximum of 50 people when no admission fee is charged. This does not include showing the film on television or online.
  3. Films purchased from Pragda include a license for closed-circuit use within a single campus.
  4. Films purchased from Pragda are protected by United States copyright law. Duplication, reproduction, alteration, television broadcast or cablecast, (except for on-campus closed circuit), loaning for a fee, leasing, sublicensing to others, or use for any commercial purposes (i.e., charging admission) is strictly prohibited without expressed written permission from Pragda.
  5. Pragda will deliver the film as a digital file in a .mp4 or .mov format with burned-in subtitles for DSL rights purchase.
  6. The Digital file format may not be upgraded. If the Licensing Institution decides to change file formats, this agreement must be renegotiated before the Film is re-encoded or new transcodes made.
  7. Digitized Films are for synchronous (live) or asynchronous streaming (multiple users, video-on-demand format) only. Content may not be used for any purpose not outlined in this agreement.
  8. Digitized Films must be stored in a password-protected environment without any download capabilities. Digitized Films must be delivered or shown via a password-protected platform or interface.
  9. Film license use must be limited to registered students, accredited researchers, faculty, staff, or other users affiliated with the Licensing Institution.
  10. If Licensing Institution defaults hereunder (a) Pragda, in addition to other remedies, may repossess any Program previously delivered hereunder; and/or (b) Licensing Institution agrees to pay Pragda Films costs and expenses of collection and/or repossession including the maximum attorney’s fees allowed by law.
  11. In no event shall Pragda, its affiliates, or content providers be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, punitive, or consequential damages arising out of or related to the use, inability to use, authorized use, performance, or non-performance of the Films, or any failure or delay by any internet service provider. Pragda shall not be responsible for any problems or delays that may occur in, or on, or be related to any of Licensing Institution’s computer hardware, firmware, software, or use thereof. This includes, but is not limited to, problems that may occur because of Licensing Institution’s installation and use of the Films.
  12. Licensing Institution agrees to indemnify Pragda, its directors, officers, shareholders, parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, agents, and licensors, from and against all losses, expenses, damages, and costs, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, resulting from Licensing Institution’s violation of this Agreement.

Thank you for your cooperation and support!

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