License Agreement

Please be advised that your purchase of a DVD or video from Pragda is subject to the conditions set below:

1) “Purchase” constitutes lease for the life of the media.

2) DVD’s and videos purchased from Pragda may not be altered or copied in any manner whatsoever. All of our films and videos are protected by United States copyright law.

3) Duplication, reproduction, alteration, television broadcast, cablecast, loaning for a fee, leasing, sub-licensing to others or use for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited without written permission from Pragda.

4) DVDs purchased from Pragda are licensed with Public Performance Rights for non-commercial and educational exhibition for a maximum of 50 people, when no admission fee is charged. This does not include showing the film on television or online.

5) The price for your institution also includes a license for closed-circuit use within a single campus.

6) Digital Site Licenses (DSL) are available for 3 years or for the life of the originally encoded digital file. File format may not be upgraded. License is limited to a single secure server with a password protected connection. Rights must be properly limited to users affiliated with your organization. Licenses can be renegotiated with Pragda once lapsed.

Pragda requires organizations to encode their own files and only from a purchased educational DVD or Blu Ray.

Thank you for your cooperation and support!