Spanish Film Club and COVID-19 FAQs

Is Spanish Film Club still happening?
Our Spanish Film Club grant program announced its call for entries a few weeks ago and it is still going strong. If you have the time, take a careful look at our catalog and plan a series of screenings that will reinvigorate your Fall 2020 semester. The deadline is April 23, 2020.

Is the April 23, 2020 deadline flexible?
The deadline is April 23, but we will gladly offer an extension upon request if concerns over health, childcare, and financial issues are occupying your mind at this time. Send us a note at to make accommodations.

If COVID-19 affects campus learning during fall 2020, can we move the festival online?
Definitely. Most of our films are available in digital format and could be used for online screenings. Spanish Film Club festivals taking place this semester have already adopted this screening method -together with Instagram Live, Zoom, and other platforms- creating an academically successful virtual community.

If online screenings are not a possibility for my school, could we postpone the Spanish Film Club festival to the following semester, spring 2021?
Yes, we will certainly allow for festival postponements if necessary.

If postponement or online screenings do not work for my university, can we decline the grant or cancel the festival?
You can always decline the grant upon reception of the grant confirmation. Simply let us know you will not be taking advantage of it. Once the grant has been accepted, we usually charge an administrative fee of $150 if you cancel the festival. However, if it is related to campus events cancelations due to COVID-19, we will waive the fee.

Should we be awarded the SFC grant, by when would we have to pay the exhibition fees? With COVID-19, we are experiencing significant lost revenue.
We completely understand concerns regarding payment. We do not have a set date by when universities will need to fulfill payment, but we kindly ask that it is issued before the first screening. We know that universities’ business offices take their time to add new vendors and process payments, so if payment will be delayed all we ask is to be informed of the situation and the assurance that the process has started.