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Why Sponsor?

Spanish Film Club is an educational initiative dedicated to showcasing films from Spain and Latin America by providing an exhibition platform that would allow their discovery by North American audiences, and to supporting the artists who create them by encouraging the exchange of ideas between filmmakers, students, and the general public.

Spanish Film Club takes great pride in going the extra mile to provide festival sponsors with one-of-a-kind opportunities to personalize and “own” a key element of the film series while simultaneously connecting with filmmakers, film lovers, and students from around the continent. We also offer multi-year sponsorship agreements that will provide sponsors the assurance of knowing that they can plan their brand awareness campaign and overall marketing strategy over time.

What Makes Us Unique…

Spanish Film Club series is infused with the creative spirit and multi-ethnic culture of Spain and Latin America and the friendliness of the students and instructors from around the country.

We focus on filmmakers and experience their work through personal points of inspiration.  The creative process goes further than what we see on the screen; Spanish Film Club extends beyond campus screenings by encouraging virtual meetings and the exchange of ideas among students. The area designated to post comments and rate films is the perfect tool for teachers, film lovers, and even filmmakers to interact in a virtual landscape with no geographical or time limits.

Become a Sponsor

Spanish Film Club welcomes new ideas and would love to work with any organization that shares interest in the arts and Spanish and Latin American cultures.

Your contributions would not only enhance our university event, but also ensure that Spanish Film Club continues to administer its various educational initiatives throughout the year.

We have a wide range of unique sponsorship and contribution opportunities for you. For more information on a customized sponsorship package designed to accommodate your brand’s marketing strategy, please contact us at