Spanish with English subtitles

Spanish graphic novelist Miguelanxo Prado, one of the best-known and important European comic artists, turns to animation with De Profundis, a simple and lyrical labor of love about freedom, passion and loss. A woman plays the viola while her partner, a painter who is fascinated by the sea, is away on a fishing boat. The boat is capsized by a storm and the painter, along with a mermaid, undertake a dreamlike underwater journey through a series of evocative seascapes. By tracing the creative voyage of the painter using themes brought to life by the digitization of thousands of the director´s own oil paintings, drawings and acrylics, Prado offers an homage to the sea that feels like a return to the early principles of cartoon art. Overall, De Profundis is a strange and fantastic love story, sure to please adults and children alike.

About the Director
Miguelanxo Prado is a Galician comic book artist. De Profundis is his first film.