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TRUE SMILE (Spain) – ★★★½ “Emphatically affirms that disabled is not synonymous with unable. A warm and compelling documentary portrait, this is highly recommended.” – VIDEO LIBRARIAN

GREY CITY (Brazil) – ★★★½ “The film also presents the bureaucratic response to the graffiti affair in a mature manner that is often lacking in similarly-themed documentaries. Highly Recommended.” – VIDEO LIBRARIAN

THE DAY THAT LASTED 21 YEARS (Brazil) “Captivates and stimulates moral and ethical questions in the use of political and military power in international as well as domestic settings. Highly Recommended.” – EMRO

ASIER AND I (Spain) – “In light of the increase in political terrorism in our world today this film is particularly relevant to several subject areas. Highly Recommended.– EMRO

I WILL BE MURDERED (Spain, U.K.) – “This work is especially well-suited to use in criminal justice or Latin American studies undergraduate courses. Highly Recommended.”  – EMRO

WITH MY HEART IN YAMBO (Ecuador) – ★★★½ “An investigation of the fate of two teenage brothers who vanished in 1988. They were abducted, tortured, and killed by the SIC [National Police]. Highly Recommended.” VIDEO LIBRARIAN

BARACOA (Cuba) – This insightful documentary provides a realistic picture of the Cuban people living in the coastal area and should be recommended.” – ANTHROPOLOGY REVIEW DATABASE

YOANI’S TRIP (Brazil) – ★★★ Offers disturbing insights into the extreme measures used by the Cuban government to censor and limit Internet access for its people. Recommended.” – VIDEO LIBRARIAN

BAJARI (Spain) – A fascinating illustration of the intense effort, natural talent, and dedicated discipline of the musicians and performers that goes into producing a professional flamenco experience. Recommended.– ANTHROPOLOGY REVIEW DATABASE 


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