Spanish with English subtitles

A “romantic documentary,” as described by Siminiani, Map follow as young Spanish director as he gets fired from his job at a broadcasting company. Recovering his dream to make movies, he travels to India in “search” of his first feature film, only to discover that his real search isn’t in India but back home: actually, he was escaping… Back in Madrid, however, things don’t exactly work out as expected…

Shot in first person, this road movie with interior dialogue is a hybrid between personal fiction, documentary, and travelogue that redefines the autobiographical documentary genre. Eccentric and fun at the same time, Map is wonderful reflexion on the artist’s disoriented existence and the creative process created by one of the best respected independent filmmakers working today.

About the Director
Elias León Siminiani majored in Spanish Literature and Film Direction at Columbia University, New York. Passionate about the possibilities of the audiovisual, he investigated different formats and genres. Some of his most notable fiction film work includes Dos más (2001), Archipiélago (2003), and Ludoterapia (2007).

His most notable non-fiction film work includes the series of mini-documentaries Key Concepts from a Modern World, the first four installments have won more than 100 international awards. In addition, Siminiani has explored hybrid formats with pieces as Zoom (2005) and the series Límites (2009).

In 2011 he released a new short film titled El Premio, which was recently nominated for the 2012 Goya Awards for Best Fiction Short film. Produced by Avalon P.C., Pantalla Partida and himself, Map is his first feature film where he continues investigating the fertile border where fiction and non-fiction meet…