Spanish with English subtitles

In his debut feature film, Sebastian Cordero turns a social commentary about immigration into a terrifying and claustrophobical thriller. Based on a novel by Sergio Bizzio, Rage (Rabia) tells the suspenseful story of a pair of Latin American immigrants who fall in love. José María, a hot-headed builder, and Rosa, a housekeeper, embark in a passionate relationship. When a violent confrontation with José María’s foreman results in the other man’s death, José María flees to the mansion where Rosa works, telling no one. Hidden even from her, he watches Rosa be mistreated by her boss as he yearns for the day

About the Director
Sebastián Cordero was born in Quito, Ecuador on May 23rd 1972. His first feature film, Ratas, Ratones, Rateros, premiered at the Venice Film Festival (1999), going on to screen at more than 50 festivals worldwide, and received more than a dozen international awards. In 2002, his project Cronicas won the Sundance/ NHK International Filmmakers’ Award. The film (a Mexican Ecuadorian co-production) was produced in 2003, and premiered at the Cannes Film Festival (in Un Certain Regard) in 2004, before screening at numerous international festivals (Toronto, San Sebastian, Sundance, Rotterdam, amongst others). During 2008, Cordero wrote and directed Rabia in Spain. An adaptation of the novel of the same name by the Argentinean Sergio Bizzio, the film is a Spanish-Colombian co-production.