We understand University Libraries’ need to provide a varied selection of films to satisfy the demand of different academic departments. Maintain your collection of Ibero American films updated by signing up for Pragda’s Library Subscription.


  • When purchasing a library subscription, your university receives one of our carefully selected Ibero American films per month.
  • Films are received on DVD and come with public performance rights (PPR), which allow libraries and universities to screen the film publicly on campus. The films are your institution’s to keep and enjoy for the life of the media.
  • Select from the following membership levels:
    Annual: Pay $5,280 $3,600 (free shipping) for 12 new releases
    Semester: Pay $2,640 $2,000 (plus $15 shipping per film) for 6 new releases
    Monthly: Pay $425 $375 (plus $15 shipping per film) for 1 new release (minimum of three months)
  • Subscriptions can begin at any time.
  • For more information contact Daniela Bajar by email at education@pragda.com or by phone at (718) 473-0647.

Featuring a catalog of over 75 award-winning films from 25 countries, Pragda is committed to bringing the same representative taste to your library every month.