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English, Spanish, and Portuguese with English subtitles

Dicing with Death, the acclaimed series from Tony Comiti, showcases individuals who brave extreme dangers and risk their lives to earn a living. With virtually no infrastructure in their home countries, they brave every obstacle to reach their destinations, sometimes at the cost of their lives. An epic achievement in documentary film.

Episode 01 – Brazil: Stronger Together

In the heart of the Amazon rainforest, transporters wait to cross the most difficult passages, sometimes surfing in the mud with their enormous vehicle.

Episode 02 – Peru: Vertigo in the Andes

Incan gods warned the population against the dangerous paths of the Andes. Despite the risks, Peruvian drivers are traveling through this deadly mountain range on a weekly basis.

Episode 03 – Nicaragua: In the Name of the Law

In the Caribbean with the Miskito fishermen, you see a spark in people’s eyes. A spark that must be kept quiet to avoid a dynamite explosion, which could blow up an entire village.

Episode 04 – Guatemala: Land of the Maya

Faced with rising crime and the inadequacy of the under-equipped police force, being a bus driver in Guatemala is one of the country’s most perilous professions.

Episode 05 – Cuba: Viva la Vida

In Cuba, no matter the obstacles, people keep smiling and moving forward.

Episode 06 – Paraguay: The Unconquerable of the Chaco

Despite the inhospitable climate of the Chaco, in Paraguay, strange colonies of men and women settled there. The jungle disappears under their hands, giving way to immense fields.

Episode 07 – Brazil: Dust and Fire

Chica delivers a precious good that cannot wait in Brazil: materials to build a football field. Evandro transports children and workers aboard an antediluvian pick-up truck.

Episode 08 – Bolivia: The Yungas in The Clouds

A highway winds through these valleys, serving as the sole communication route between La Paz, Bolivia’s administrative capital on the Altiplano, and the wealth of the Amazon basin.

About the Director

Tony Comiti was born in 1950 and entered the world of journalism at the age of 18, beginning in the photographic lab of France Soir. Then as an independent photographer, he covered the major events in South America from 1972 to 1976: coup in Chile, revolution in Nicaragua, guerrilla warfare in Colombia, coup in Venezuela, civil war in El Salvador, traffic in cocaine, etc.

He directed around twenty 52-minute films including Emeralds of Colombia, the Medellin Cartel, Eunuchs in India, Pirates of the Philippines, and Child Slaves. In 2001, he created Tony Comiti Productions. He is the well-known producer and showrunner of Dicing with Death (2018), Chile: Torturers Running Free (1999), and The Little Angel of Colombia (2002).