• Lane Doc Festival

  • Las Alturas Int'l Film Festival

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Spanish with English subtitles

Renán Aparicio and a friend embark on a transformative kayak journey down the Bermejo River in Argentina. This challenging adventure prompts introspection and self-discovery, blurring the lines between past, present, and future.

The two friends decided to turn this experience into a documentary, capturing not only the physical challenges but also the emotional journey. The film will highlight the cultural and ecological significance of the river, providing a platform for reflection and environmental awareness.

About the Director
Renan Aparicio is a high-level kayaker, in love with nature and indigenous culture. He directed The River’s Retreat in 2023, which was very well received at the Lane Doc Fest, the important environmental documentary competition located in Tennessee, United States.
Notes on Film

“This is a story about the Bermejo River with an emotional and somewhat unpredictable gaze. We will see navigation, water, animals, towns, people, and boats. We are not only seeking spectacularity but also trying to express the daily life of a region. We seek the essence of the river, as its culture and environment are hidden and partly threatened.”

– Renan Aparicio, Director