• FICS - Santander Int'l Film Festival

    Special mention
  • Listapad Int'l Film Festival

    Best Actor
  • ALE KINO Int'l Young Audience Film Festival

    Teachers award, The Football Goats Award
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Spanish with English subtitles - Spanish language audio description available *

With Federico López, Héctor García, Álvaro García, Marcela Valencia

This feature debut from Colombian writer-director Henry Rincón centers on Eduardo, a ten-year-old boy who has more than his share of harrowing challenges: he is poor, a victim of Colombia’s armed conflict, and is missing a leg from a landmine accident. Yet, with the help of his music teacher and some valiant friends, Eduardo is determined to follow through with his passion: to form a team with other children with disabilities and participate in a children’s soccer tournament.

A heartrending drama about triumph in the face of seemingly insurmountable adversity. If little Eduardo can follow his dreams, then surely there’s hope for all of us.

* Spanish language audio description available via All4Access App and/or .wav file when purchasing a DSL license.

About the Director
Henry Rincón (1984, Medellin, Colombia) studied acting for theater, cinema and television. At the same time, he participated in audiovisual production and screenwriting workshops. He worked as a film and television director at the Efraín Arce Aragón school in Medellín, where he wrote and directed several short films. Through the production company Héroe Films, he leads the development of the cinematographic workshop “The World of Heroes”, focused on children in situations of vulnerability. As a result, he is the director of the short films A Space Vacation and The Heroes, screened at various children’s and human rights festivals. After winning the scriptwriting Prize, he managed to shoot his debut film Hero Steps in 2016.
Notes on Film

“My dad has been disabled since I was 2 years old. I grew up with that. It did not make me unhappy; on the contrary, he became my hero. Hero Steps was born from the need to make invisible heroes visible, people who fight day by day for their families and loved ones. As a Colombian, I felt the urge to do something for my country, giving my contribution to change the minds of those who have always lived in a state of war. I meant to tell a story of resilience, of how a victim, a young man, with all his vitality and his desire to dream, chases his dream till the end. I didn’t want to focus on victims but rather wanted to use film as a means of social change. Hero Steps focuses on the respect for difference, the importance of dreams, and the struggle to make them come true. Last but not least, it focuses on the value of resilience, which is undoubtedly a characteristic of Colombians.”

– Henry Rincón, Director