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Spanish with English subtitles

With Isaac Rodríguez, Dayana Vargas, José Vargas, Osney Narvaez

Titi, Carlitos, Betún, Jhon, and Pinky—spirited street children in Bogotá—embark on a remarkable journey after their sewer homes are set on fire. Similar to the classic film The Rose Seller (also at Pragda), Moles showcases the strength and resilience of Colombian street children, emphasizing the significance of friendship and solidarity in their pursuit of a better life. Tragedy and fantasy are intertwined tightly in this third-world-urban tale.


About the Director

Carlos Zapata was born in Bogotá in 1986 and graduated from the Politécnico Grancolombiano in 2008, where he studied Film Direction. During his university career, he wrote and directed four short films made in 16mm. His first film was a university project: Little lazy bums, where he was screenwriter, director and producer. His film, My mother’s tits although very controversial, had its successful participation in festivals. Moles is his third feature film.

Notes on Film

Moles is a film that portrays a harsh reality of marginality, but one that has a tender sense of humor, and we did take an innocent look at these street children. It is a film that we filmed 100% in the sewers of an overcrowded Bogotá. A location that represented a great challenge for our production team. The actors were selected in advance and we offered them a workshop for several months to achieve the truthful and masterful performances they delivered. It is a film set in Bogotá, Colombia, but it could take place in any Latin American city. Ultimately it is a moving film that shows the dark side of Bogotá and yet finds beauty and fantasy in that darkness.”

– Carlos Zapata, Director