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Spanish with English subtitles

With Carla Moscatelli, Edgardo Castro, Gabriel Villanueva

Hilda is a lonely woman who lives in the town of Concepción, Uruguay. She intentionally breaks off any kind of affective relationship with the people around her. Her life is interrupted by the announcement that her son is coming to visit her after several years. So she begins preparations to improve her house and her image, which has declined in recent times. But when her son cancels and postpones the visit it is indefinitely, Hilda is left to live her summer in the past.

Agustín Banchero’s debut feature dazzles with its capacity for reverie. He starts his aesthetically impeccable film with the projection of the protagonist’s memory: images of the past and the present, juxtaposed.


“The best evaluation a film can get is that, as soon as the credits end, the spectator wants to see it again. Hilda's Short Summer produces that magical effect: wanting to prolong the pleasure of enjoying again such a solidly constructed story and with such a high level of interpretation.” – CARLOS LOUREDA, Fotogramas

“Lucas Cilintano's photography, is capable of turning a drop of rain or a tear on the protagonist's cheek into pure visual poetry.” – Diego Batlle, Otros Cines

“A diptych about memory - its construction and its effects - and the way it infiltrates even the unreached future.” – Cristina Aparicio, Caimán Cuadernos de Cine

About the Director
Agustin Banchero (Montevideo, 1988) is a visual artist, playwright, and director. He holds a degree in filmmaking from the Film School of Uruguay. He has been writing and directing short films since 2008. Hilda’s Short Summer is his feature debut.
Notes on Film

“Although it may not be the first interpretation of the film for an outsider, Hilda’s Short Summer is the story of a son seeking to understand his mother. It is an attempt to generate a rough portrait of the people I love the most and of my immediate universe. I aspire to compose a cinema that is governed by the interiority of the characters. I do not seek a full understanding of space or time.

I film to understand myself and the people around me. I am interested in the memory before the idea, before any kind of rationalization, before understanding or interpretation. Memory is not intellectual, but emotional. Memory locates, discriminates, distorts and puts memories, people, things and places in hierarchical order.”

– Agustín Banchero, Director