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Portuguese, English, German, and Luganda with English subtitles

It’s the first time that Joana, a Brazilian woman, visits her friend Kevin in Uganda. They became friends 20 years ago while studying in Germany and they haven’t seen each other in a long time. A film about a transnational friendship between two women – completely different – and essentially the same.


“Considering the current context, in which racial issues are in evidence in contemporary cinema, Joana Oliveira proposes to dilute them through the affection between the two protagonists of the film. The friendship between the two women is beyond these issues, although they are present, and as we see throughout the film, both Kevin and Joana are aware of them. Whether it’s in the conversations about motherhood and abortion, about aging body and mind, there is the companionship of friendship that overcomes racial tensions.” – R.C., Gentle Azafáma

“The triangulation between the countries in question, Brazil, Uganda and Germany (where the two met) is interesting. On the one hand, a mostly white European and Christian country, responsible for the colonization of African countries (especially Namibia and Tanzania) and today living the social, political and racial difficulties of the most recent waves of migration; on the other hand, a mostly black country, which suffered colonization from England and is currently passing through a complicated political context of a dictator supported by Western forces; and Brazil, whose myth of peaceful miscegenation still dominates the imaginary to sustain the ruling of the white elite and the structural perpetuation of racism over other ethnicities in the country. In the midst of this triangulation created by Kevin and Joana’s relationship, perhaps lies the intersectionality possible in the friendship between a white Latin woman and a black African woman in a global context of imperialism and colonization.” – R.C., Gentle Azafáma

About the Director
Joana Oliveira is a Brazilian director and screenwriter that lives in Belo Horizonte. Joana has studied Film Direction at EICTV, Cuba. In 2006, she was selected for Berlinale Talents for her project Rio de Mulheres.

Oliveira’s short films have been shown internationally and she has worked on television and documentaries. Joana has also directed her first feature documentary film Morada and owns the production company Bukaya Filmes.

Notes on Film

“Kevin is a film about friendship, about how friends can still help each other although they live in two different countries and realities; and come from totally different backgrounds. The challenge for me as a filmmaker is to appear in front of the camera with my Ugandan friend, not as someone who does an interview, but as a main character with a role in a script that was previously developed. On camera, I share with Kevin doubts and questions about being a mother, about Brazilian society, about women’s lives and the struggle for equal rights, about racism in Brazil, as well as I listen to Kevin talk about her country, her reality, and her doubts and insecurities. The intention is to show close moments as if they were part of a fictional film: the protagonists don’t care about the presence of the camera. The feeling of intimacy is sought aesthetically.”

– Joana Oliveira, Director