Spanish with English subtitles

The producers of Cell 211 present Kidnapped, a terrifyingly realistic thriller about a family held hostage in their own home by a group of unknown criminals. Best Horror Feature winner at Austin’s Fantastic Fest 2010, Miguel Ángel Vivas’ film about a family’s first night in their new home gone terribly wrong just may leave audiences in a total state of shock. A true sensation at the 2010 Sitges Fantastic Film Festival, this taut, high-octane, grittily realistic thriller is shot in fewer than a dozen intricately choreographed sequence shots that create an accurate, hyper-real rendering of the home invasion experience. Vivas’s camera roams with a restless energy, capturing the action as it actually takes place. By refusing to edit, Vivas leaves his audience trapped in the room with the family to share their mounting terror. Though the storyline has been done several times, Vivas’ directing style, the rich characters and the unrelenting gruesome detail make Kidnapped a superb horror movie.

About the Director
Miguel Angel Vivas was born in Seville. His first short film was El hombre del saco (2002), awarded in several festivals. His second short film was I’ll see you in my dreams (2003) a classic zombies film which won the Silver Meliés for Best European Short Film, among other awards. His first feature film was ReflejosKIdnapped, a raw and chilling horror movie, was the Best Horror Feature winner at Austin’s Fantastic Fest 2010 and achieved an international success.