Spanish with English subtitles

This technically polished, fast-moving, screwball musical comedy is the third feature by director (Soccer Days) and screenwriter (The Other Side of the Bed) David Serrano. Beautiful married superbitch Claudia has been dumped by her lover, Pablo. He takes off with his new girfriend to the Canary Islands to escape Claudia’s relentless attempts to win him back, but she soon follows, aided (for a time) by her sister Monica. Set against the gorgeous backdrop of Tenerife and scored with catchy pop songs and colorfully choreographed musical numbers, the quirky, stellar cast has great fun inhabiting a breezy tropical fantasy about people who dream, sing, dance and fall in love.

About the Director
David Serrano is one of the most successful and respected Spanish directors of comedy and musical films. He previously screenwrote box-office hit The Other Side of the Bed (El otro lado de la cama, 2002) and directed his first feature film, Soccer Days (Días de fútbol, 2003) a box-office hit comedy. After Cinema Days (2007), he released his third feature, the musical comedy With or Without Love (Una hora más en Canarias, 2010).