• Thessaloniki TIFF

    FIPRESCI Critics Priz, Special Jury Award, Audience Award
  • SXSW - South by Southwest

  • Seminci - Valladolid Int'l Film Week

    Audience Award
  • Hofer Filmtage

    Best Documentary
  • Nottingham NIFF

    Best Doc Feature, Best Director
  • Women+Film Colorado

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Spanish with English subtitles - Spanish language audio description available *

Luchadoras provides an intimate glimpse into the lives of three resilient female wrestlers in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, who courageously challenge traditional gender norms in the face of pervasive machismo. Amidst a society dominated by rigid expectations, these women redefine the image of women in Mexico.

Despite working in a disenfranchising factory, Mini Serinita aspires to become a full-time Luchadora, breaking free from societal constraints. Lady Candy, who can see the U.S. border from her house, grapples with visa regulations preventing her from reuniting with her daughters in the United States. Meanwhile, Baby Star, a young single mother with a Lucha Libre childhood, seeks a comeback, embodying the spirit of Mexican passion.

Through their stories, these Luchadoras present a powerful and new image of womanhood in Mexico, challenging stereotypes and showcasing strength, resilience, and determination in the face of societal expectations.

* Spanish language audio description available via ALL4ACCESS App and/or .wav file when purchasing a DSL license.

Accessibility for these films was created by DICAPTA and funded under a grant from the U.S. Department of Education- Office of Special Education-OSEP, project “Enhanced Access to Video for Students with Sensory Disabilities through Emerging Technology,” TV Access H327C210001.


“A compelling and ambitious documentary that utilizes the lens of lucha libre to shine a light on Mexican societal ills.” – BERNARD OZAROWSKI, Loud and Clear

“The Mexican city of Juárez seems like hell on Earth, particularly if you’re a woman Luchadoras builds a touching picture of strongly bonded female-centred families – single mothers, daughters and sisters – female solidarity and self-empowerment.” – DEMETRIOS MATHEOU, Screendaily

“Goes beyond the cinematic art form and become something far larger and more important...It is a humanistic truth being expressed and valued.” – Carson Timar, Awards Watch

About the Director
Patrick Jasim is a German director and director of photography. His feature debut as director of photography, Bube Stur, was screened at the Berlinale Film Festival 2015. His last film, the documentary Helmut Berger, My Mother and Me, premiered at the prestigious Max Öphüls Prize and was screened in German cinemas in 2019. Luchadoras is his first feature as a director.

Paola Calvo is a Venezuelan director and director of photography. Her film, Violently Happy, was her graduation film at Berlin Film School DFFB shown in German cinemas for three months in 2017. She received the National Prize for Cinematography at IFFF 2017 for her film and was nominated for the Michael Ballhaus Best Cinematography Award. Luchadoras is her first feature film as a director.

Notes on Film

“We were super inspired by the three protagonists. Each one of the women we portrayed has different personalities, but they have one thing in common, which is: that they have a lot of humor, they’re funny, and they’re always laughing.

We were there for a couple of months shooting. Even though there were moments when we would feel afraid, and horrible things happened when we were there, we always managed to be together, to be supportive of each other. They’re very strong people.”

– Paola Calvo & Patrick Jasim, Directors