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Spanish and Swedish with English subtitles

Swedish director Peter Torbiörnsson met 12-year-old Ninosca and her family amid the civil war. He began to visit regularly, tracking her coming of age, love, marriage, and pregnancy. As the girl becomes a woman, problems start to mount up, owing to societal structures.

Ninosca was born into a family of leftist Sandinista revolutionaries in Nicaragua’s rural mountains, and the film follows her into adulthood over 40 years. What begins as a fascinating snapshot of Nicaragua’s politically volatile ‘80s develops into an intimate depiction of the disintegration of Ninosca’s marriage and her struggle to financially support her children

When Ninosca finds the inner strength to break from subjugation to violent machismo. she challenges her restricted life as her husband’s maid and victim of domestic violence. She heads to Spain in search of a good job. Perhaps this way she can return and fulfill her dream – a coffee plantation of her own.


“Shot over 40 years, an epic about one woman’s struggle for independence requiring her to face her past in the macho-culture of Central America.” – Carmen Gray, Modern Times Review

About the Director
Peter Torbiörnsson was born on 24 December 1941 in Stockholm, Sweden. He is a director and writer, known for De älskande i San Fernando (2001), Ninosca – The Woman and the Emigrant’s Song (2020), and Vapenvilan (1989).