• International Social Change Film Festival

  • Lund International Architecture Film Festival

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Spanish with English subtitles

Buenos Aires has a housing crisis. Over two million people live in shanty towns in and around the city.  Known as the ‘villas miserias’, they’re widely associated with poverty and crime.  But inside is a very different story. One Street Away is an intimate and honest portrayal of the overlooked marginalized communities in Argentina’s capital as they strive to find their voice and build better lives for their families. Residing in self-made settlements, theirs is a story of humanity, community, and resilience in the face of economic and social inequality.

About the Director
Reed Purvis is a filmmaker and editor from the US who spent several years living in Argentina while making One Street Away. He has also directed a short narrative film, Barrio Frontera (2021) and is currently developing several new short film projects.