• Goyas® Awards

    Best first feature Nominee, Best actress Nominee
  • Sevilla Int'l Film Festival

    Best Actress
  • Almeria Int'l Film Festival

    Best First Feature
  • Tokyo Int'l Film Festival

  • Malaga Int'l Film Festival

  • FID - Marseille Int'l Film Festival

Spanish Film Club
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Spanish with English subtitles

With Petra Martínez, Anna Castillo

Two Spanish women of different generations coincide in a hospital room in Belgium. Maria (Petra Martinez) has lived there for decades after emigrating in her youth, and Veronica (Anna Castillo) is a young newcomer in search of opportunities she never found in Spain.

A peculiar friendship is forged between them that will lead María to undertake a trip back to the south of Spain with an unusual mission. What begins as a journey in search of Veronica’s roots, will become an opportunity to question certain principles on which she based her life.


“David Martín de los Santos‘ debut feature awaits to unfurl its superbly performed, constantly surprising, deeply moving series of everyday miracles on you. ” – Jessica Kiang, The Playlist

“Delicate film (...) It touches on very intimate and fragile matters with a subtlety and modesty that redouble the false shock of any underlining, always relying on the quiet voice of its two immense actresses.” – Elsa Fernández-Santos, El Pais

“Petra Martínez, well into her seventies when she shot this, gives a strong, minimalist performance” – DEMETRIOS MATHEOU, Screen Daily

About the Director
After winning a hundred awards with his four short films, Tomorrow is Another Day, In the Hole, Take Me Elsewhere, and 23 of May; David Martín de los Santos wrote and directed his first fiction feature film, That Was Life. The script was selected for the Small is Biútiful program, MadridCreaLab, La Ventana del Cine de Madrid, and Meditalents, as well as winning Best Project at the Almería International Film Festival and an honorable mention at the SGAE Julio Alejandro Screenwriting Award.

Martín de los Santos has written and directed the documentaries ¿Lost Generation? and Nor Alive Nor Dead for TVE; as well as La Isla Durmiente. All his short films have been selected and have had an excellent trajectory in international and national festivals.

Notes on Film

“When you don’t have the words to say things, then you use stories,” says Baricco. The first idea for this film came while I was accompanying my mother as she was leaving this world. A very wise friend of mine, who also passed away, said that this script that was beginning to take shape was an attempt to keep my mother alive.

Perhaps this film is a way of transcending helplessness in the face of death. The loss of my parents, and some relatives and friends, opened in my memory what they passed on to me to somehow keep them alive. This is the essence and the main driving force of the film. Maria and Veronica, two characters without apparent links, connect through the imaginary umbilical cord that binds us to everything: nature, food, and the other… From that perspective one is no longer alone.”

– David Martín de los Santos, Director