• Mostra - São Paulo Int'l Film Festival

  • FIDBA Buenos Aires Int'l Documentary Film Festival

  • SEMINCI - Valladolid Int'l Film Festival

  • L'Alternativa Barcelona Independent Film Festival

  • ABYCINE Albacete Independent Film Festival

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Spanish, Catalan, English, Japanese, Portuguese, Thai with English subtitles

Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Pedro Costa, Manoel de Oliveira, Luis Miñarro, and Pablo García Pérez de Lara share images, sounds, and words as they walk the fine line where life meets film, offering diverse perspectives within this cinematic threshold.

The end of the “Eddie Saeta” art-house production company, founded by Luís Miñarro, in 2015, is the starting point of this documentary. Director Pablo García Pérez de Lara records this moment, while also looking at himself, his personal trajectory, and his career as a filmmaker.

About the Director
Pablo García Pérez de Lara was born in Barcelona in 1970. He worked as a cinematographer in several movies. Pablo directed, among others, the short Alicia Portrayed (2002) and the feature films Fuente Álamo, the Caress of Time (2001), Butterfly (2007), and Tchindas (2015). He teaches cinema and was a jury member at L’Alternativa – Barcelona Independent Film Festival, and a juror for documentary films at Ourense Film Festival. Uncertain Journey (2020) is his latest feature.
Notes on Film

“When you dedicate a life to filming, as it is my case, a moment can come in which you no longer dissociate life from cinema, and this communion can become, to say the least, obsessive and delicately dangerous. I can only film through complete dedication, and that’s what this film offers.

Ever since my directorial debut, Fuente Alamo, the Caress of Time, I love the idea of approaching the intimate in oneself in order to show -as much as possible, in a universal form- that which has made us who we are. And so, making more or less sense, here we are, presenting an artistic work initiated in 2014 with the eviction of a production company; and perhaps -I tell myself- the situation of our cinema might be another good reason to do this Uncertain Journey.

Along this path, my daughter was born, my parents grew older, and so did I. The moment this film premiered, I turned fifty. Be that as it may, if there is something true about the sense of things, is that some exist, with more or less sense, thanks to the perseverance, the effort, and our wrestling with time and the circumstances surrounding us.”

– Pablo García Pérez de Lara, Director