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Spanish with English subtitles

Have you ever wondered what would it be like to mash-up Shakespeare’s poems with sound, music, pictures, and illustration?

Art Poetry is a cross-media project with one main purpose: bringing people closer to poetry by representing a selection of the most significant poems in the history of literature in two-minute animation pieces.

Art Poetry is also a web & mobile app that encourage people to express their feelings by creating their own poems.
Poetry is more than words!

List of all the poems:

Llanto por la muerte de Ignacio Sánchez Mejías – Federico García Lorca

Abdenamar y el rey Don Juan – Anonymous

Ande yo caliente – Luis de Góngora

Rima IV – Gustavo Adólfo Bécquer

Canción a las ruinas de Itálica – Rodrigo Caro

A una nariz pegado- Francisco de Quevedo

Coplas a la muerte de su padre – Jorge Manrique

Pura, encendida rosa – Francisco de Rioja

Aun, si me fueras fiel – Angel Ganivet

Do vas cruel – Fernando de Herrera

Soneto XIII – Garcilaso de la Vega

Cántico Espiritual – San Juan de la Cruz

Receta segura – Ángel de Saavedra (Duque de Rivas)

Dicen que no hablan las plantas – Rosalía de Castro

Sobre el poder del tiempo – José Cadalso

Cantares – Joan Manuel Serrat

Canto a Andalucía – Manuel Machado

Nocturno – Rafael Alberti

Mujeres – Luis García Montero

Espera – José Manuel Caballero Bonald

La voz cruel – Manuel Altolaguirre

Si el hombre pudiera decir – Luis Cernuda

Platero y yo (fragmento) – Juan Ramón Jiménez

Contigo – Joaquín Sabina

Notas para un blues – Ana Rossetti

Mi primer bikini – Elena Medel

Don Quijote de la Mancha – Cervantes (1616)

Los insectos – Ruben Dario

El monte de las ánimas – Gustavo Adólfo Bécquer

El miserere – Gustavo Adólfo Bécquer

Crepúsculo – José Asunción Silva

Las hadas – Jorge Isaacs

Al mar caribe – Julio Flórez

El niño y la mariposa – Rafael Pombo

Estar contigo – José Eusebio Caro

La música – Luis Vidales

Ritornelo – León de Greiff

About the Director
Manuel H. Martín graduated in Audiovisual Communication from Seville University where he met Olmo Figueredo González-Quevedo and the time that La Claqueta production company began. Manuel H. Martin has developed extensive work as a producer and director of advertising and corporate productions, as well as several short films, co-directing The Dry Tree (2007) with Olmo Figueredo González-Quevedo, and directing short documentaries like Equity Among Women and Pepe Luis Vázquez, the wise man from San Bernardo, as well as the music video Sin Miedo by the group Dardem. As a producer, he worked in the documentary Ignacio Sanchez Mejias, Beyond Bullfighting (2008) and several short films. In 2010 he directed the documentary Unknown Bécquer and that same year he released the short film The Defender. Also, he has worked as creative director of the animated series Art Poetry as well as the awarded documentary film 30 Years of Darkness.

“The best in Spanish literature, in the shape of short animation films of great beauty.”SEÑAL COLOMBIA