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Spanish with English subtitles

With Ramón Peón, Viviana Garcia Besné

The story behind the filming of the iconic film: La Llorona (1933). Unveiling the haunting tale of Mexico’s pioneering horror sound film and its historical legacy. this fascinating documentary is directed by Viviana García Besné, the great-granddaughter of La Llorona producer Jose Calderón.

García Besné is the founder of The Permanencia Voluntaria Archives, whose main objective is to rescue, preserve, and restore Mexico’s popular cinematographic history.

About the Director
Viviana García Besné is a filmmaker, archivist, and activist for the preservation of popular cinema. Her first project, the documentary Perdida, premiered in the official selection of the Telluride Film Festival and received several awards during its time at festivals.

Viviana is the founder of Permanencia Voluntaria Archivo Cinematográfico, the only independent archive in Mexico that specializes in popular cinema and the study of audiences. From 2017 to date, Permanencia Voluntaria has partnered with prestigious institutions such as the UCLA Film and Television Archive, The Film Foundation, the Cinema Preservation Alliance, The Academy Film Archive, the University of Guadalajara, and the UNAM Film Library, as well as with figures such as Nicolas Winding Refn and Tim Burton to carry out seven impeccable restorations. The challenges of these restorations have been many, since they had to work with elements as varied as original camera nitrates, original camera negatives, internegatives, and unique 16mm positives, making each restoration a huge learning experience.