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    Best Director (Documentary)
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  • Inside Out Toronto LGBT Film Festival

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Portuguese with English subtitles

With Linn da Quebrada

The female trans*body becomes a political means of expression in both public and private spaces. The black, transgender singer Linn da Quebrada deconstructs how alpha males conceive of themselves. Kiko Goifman and Claudia Priscilla’s documentary portrays a charismatic artist who reflects on gender and has an extraordinary stage presence. The body is a weapon that moves from the political to the artistic, from the social to the philosophical, in a profound honest, aggressive, and poetic existential analysis.


“The directors take what is primarily an observational approach, with only intermittent scenes clearly set up to encourage specific discussions. In return for this they get intimate access to their star's day to day life. There's a remarkable consistency about all of this that prompts a question: is she performing all the time, or is her on-stage persona simply her real self with the volume turned up?” – Jennie Kermode, Eye for Film

Bixa Travesty moves with Linn on and off the stage and is a tender and at the same time devastating look at marginalization, the profound changes in sexual identity and the tremendous social differences in a country like Brazil that, today more than ever, is threatened by intolerance and repression.” – Diego Batlle, Otros Cines

Bixa Travesty is the great surprise of the festival, among movies that seem to focus in human ambiguity and lack of intention, this film clearly bets for a discourse without Manichaeism, with no concessions, and with rabid verses which show a great fortitude among a Brazil that’s going through one of its most complex moments.” – Aldo Padilla, Desistfilm

About the Director
Kiko Goifman has directed the feature films Periscope, 2013, fiction selected for Rotterdam Film Festival; Look at Me Again, 2011, co-directed with Claudia Priscilla, documentary selected for Berlinale; Film Phobia, 2008, fiction selected for Locarno Film Festival; Handerson and the Hours, 2007, a documentary about time people spend in a bus in São Paulo, selected for Locarno Film Festival and Opening Screening in Nantes Festival 3 Continents 2007.

Claudia Priscilla is a filmmaker, writer, and producer. She lives in São Paulo and was born in 1972. Originally a journalist, she began her career in film making short films. Her first feature film, the documentary Iron and Milk, was about motherhood in prison. In partnership with Kiko Goifman she also directed the feature film Look at Me Again, a road movie through the backlands of the Brazilian Northeast, starring a transsexual man. The focus of her work as a director is the discussion of gender issues.