• Rio Film Festival LGBTQIA+

    Best Film, Best Director, Audience Award
  • AMOR LGBT+ Int'l Film Festival

    Best Film
  • Vancouver Latin American Film Festival

    Best Film
  • ASTERISCO International LGBTIQ+ Film Festival

    Special Mention
  • Buenos Aires Int'l Film Festival

  • VANDA DUARTE Festival de Cine de Mujeres y Disidencias Latinxs

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Spanish with English subtitles

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At 48, Áyax Grandi, an Argentine city of Rosario architect, decided to become Canela. This film narrates the moments in the life of Canela where she is torn between having gender reassignment surgery or not. With that in mind, her search begins. She consults with healthcare professionals, her sons, and old friends until she realizes something about her desire that she didn’t really expect.


“A sensitive and cheerful gaze.” – María Fernanda Mugica, La Nación

“An extraordinary protagonist.” – Juan Pablo Cinelli, Página 12

“A remarkable documentary.” – Ezequiel Boetti, Otros Cines

“A fascinating portrait.” – Anna Dodier, Escribiendocine.com

About the Director
Cecilia del Valle studied at Universidad del Cine in Buenos Aires (2005-2009). She teaches Introduction to the cinematographic script “From Literature to Cinema” at the National University of Rosario’s Literature degree.

Del Valle studied Dramaturgy with Mauricio Kartun and Ariel Barchilón (2014-2018). She directed and produced the short film Dilemas de un abandon, the collective film Cinco, and the feature documentary Canela.

Notes on Film

“I began the journey of making my first documentary six years ago: it was a naive start. I came from fiction, from closed scripts, from the canonical structure and the somewhat deceiving relief that preconceived notions give you.

The ups and downs of the genre, such as knowing how to find the necessary time for the main character to reveal themself and thus develop in the story; to be permeable to genuine moments creating the right circumstances for situations to emerge; to think about how to plot those moments; to subdue oneself to the availability of the protagonist within the framework of his life; to deal with the complexity of working with floating technical teams: everything was much more arduous than expected.

In that long creative process that involved going through artistic spaces, my encounters with other perspectives allowed me to raise awareness of my narrative. There, I received the most beautiful compliment when a teacher told me she was moved by the love of my gaze towards the protagonist. At that moment I understood that the fascination had turned into friendship and that I was filming a beloved woman. A trans woman, a woman with fears, with worries, but above all with questions about feeling like a woman. Nothing was foreign to me, in one way or another I had felt similar things. We both accompany each other on our journeys. She answered questions through unexpected encounters that became a beautiful story; and me completing the crazy, long, and strange project of making this film. This documentary, which I adore as much as its protagonist, is an experience that has profoundly transformed me as a filmmaker and also as a person.”

– Cecilia del Valle, Director