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Portuguese with English subtitles

Joao is a 50-year-old actor who lives with his 72-year-old mother, Celina. He divides his time between his work at night as a crossdresser in small gay bars and his parts in small plays, movies, and TV shows. Tormented and haunted by ghosts from his past, day after day Joao, starts to merge the reality in which he lives with the fiction he is interpreting.


“A character-study of a middle-aged Brazilian performer, which provocatively defies fiction/non-fiction categorization...A ruminative, deliberately elliptical and slightly alienating enterprise, Castanha intrigues and absorbs on a scene-by-scene basis.”The Hollywood Reporter

“This is not a reality TV showcase of some vapid performer; it is a revealing and probing examination into how a gay man ekes out a life under difficult conditions.” – Gary M. Kramer, Indiewire

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