Spanish with English subtitles

A woody-allenesque romantic comedy inspired by the aesthetics of the French New Wave, Every Song Is About Me is the most acclaimed debut film of the year. It follows the story of Ramiro, an immature thirty-something wannabe poet who fulfills his passion for literature in his uncle’s small bookshop. One day, he comes home to find a letter left by his fiancée, Andrea, putting an end to their relationship. In his attempt to forget her, he spends his spare time hanging out with his friend Lucas and decides to give a new try to romance. But he can’t help it: it’s Andrea he truly wants. Based on the somewhat clichéd premise that there are moments in life when every song seems to be talking about us, this film paints a captivating portrait of a young man and the girl he adores in search of a happiness they know is impossible to attain. Up and coming Jonás Trueba captures the confusion of a generation haunted by music and books, by the need to find a path amidst the certainty of uncertainty and by the compulsion to find love when love has become but the topic of yet another indie-pop song.

About the Director
Jonás Trueba (Madrid, 1981) was co-writer of the films Más pena que Gloria (2000) and Vete de mí (2005), both directed by Víctor García León, and El baile de la Victoria (2009) by Fernando Trueba. Todas las canciones hablan de mí [Every Song is About me] (2010) was his first film as a director. He also directed Miniaturas (2011), and some video clips.

He has worked sporadically as a film book editor and collaborates in different media. His first novel Las ilusiones (Periférica publisher, 2013) is closely intertwined with Los ilusos (The Wishful Thinkers, 2013), his last feature film up to date.