Faith and Fury
  • IDFA - Int'l Documentary Film Festival

  • Millennium Docs Against Gravity Film Festival

  • Cinélatino Rencontres de Toulouse

  • Rio de Janeiro Int'l Film Festival

  • Havana Film Festival

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Portuguese with English subtitles

Director Marcos Pimentel offers a detailed look at a taboo subject in Brazil: the relationship between the evangelical faith and drug trafficking in the suburbs and favelas of several Brazilian cities.

This unbridled growth of evangelical churches and their relationships with drug gangs has caused an imbalance of religious forces in their communities, resulting in numerous cases of religious intolerance that impact not only worship practices but also territorial boundaries and the behavior of inhabitants.

As the evangelical neo-charismatic movement gains popularity, the aggressive rhetoric of its supporters is contributing to a growing polarization in society. Violence isn’t a taboo: after all, surely the Bible is above the law?

With exclusive access to the interior of these scenarios, Pimentel makes an x-ray of this phenomenon. Premiered at the prestigious IDFA, Faith and Fury is a study that navigates between the sociological and the intimate, all seen through the poetics that characterize the filmmaker.


“A compelling portrait of the religious intolerance reality in Brazil nowadays.”Vertentes do Cinema

“Pimentel is careful to show testimonials from virtually all sides, even from drug dealers.”Vortex Cultural

About the Director
Marcos Pimentel is a director, screenwriter and independent producer. His creative documentaries have won 92 prizes at national and international film festivals. His work was exhibited at over 700 festivals all over the world. He is the director and screenwriter of the films Faith and Fury (Fé e fúria) in 2019, The part of the world that belongs to me (A parte do mundo aue me pertence) in 2017, Breath (Sopro) in 2013, Sanã 2013, The dust and the wind (A poeira e o vento) in 2011, Taba in 2010, Polis in 2009, The body’s architecture (Aarquitetura do corpo) in 2008, The greatest show on Earth (O maior espetáculo da terra) in 2005. He lives and works in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Skin (Pele) is his fifth full-length creative documentary.