• DocsMX Int'l Documentary Film Festival of Mexico City

    Honorable Mention
  • Guarnice de Cinema Film Festival

    Best Documentary, Best Script Awards
  • Festival of New Latam Cinema

  • Addis Int'l Film Festival

  • Montevideo CineFest

  • Pachamama Cinema de Fronteira Int'l Film Festival

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Portuguese with English subtitles

Threatened with death, three people in Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico fight against violence fueled by the State and the arms industry using weapons such as information, awareness, and affection.

The documentary follows Brazilian activist Raul Santiago, who has founded several social projects as a human rights defender; Mexican photojournalist Beto Walls, who covers social movements throughout Latin America and lives with the constant threat of being a journalist in the most dangerous country to practice this profession; and Teresita Gaviria, founder of Madres de La Candelaria and mother of Juan Camilo, who disappeared 18 years ago, a victim of state violence in Colombia.

About the Director
Alice Lanari premiered her first documentary in 2018, the feature film Latin Wars (co-directed with Pedro Asbeg) at the 51st Brasilia Festival. Since then, the film has circulated to over 20 festivals around the world, including the 40th Havana Festival and the 13th DOCSMX, where it received an Honourable Mention. She has worked as assistant director on over a dozen feature films, including the documentary Juízo by Maria Augusta Ramos. She also directed the short documentary Escuta, gajon.

Pedro Asbeg is a director and film editor known for Mentiras Sinceras (2011) and Latin Wars (2018)

Notes on Film

“Whether it is the deaths we count or the weapons that flood the countries, whether it is the news we read or the music we listen to, violence is part of the daily life of millions of people who live with it in a banal way.”

– Alice Lanari, Director