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Portuguese and Arabic with English subtitles

Syrian brothers Adel and Hadi Bakkour take to the streets of Rio de Janeiro to fight for democracy in the country where they found refuge. History repeats itself: in 2013 they were forced to leave Aleppo, Syria, after fighting against the repressive Baathist regime. Behind they left their mother, Lawahez, and their father, Abdo. The family is reunited six years after the separation, in a Brazil in transformation.

Divided between a country at war and a democracy that is more than fragile, the film takes us along the paths of exile and the struggles for a more just world.


“Their speeches range from the comparison between the way the two countries deal with health and public education, to the differences in freedom of expression. If there was any doubt that we should never treat subjects that involve distinct cultural manifestations with a reductionist bias, After Spring comes to corroborate the thesis that it is never as simple as it seems.” – Jorge Cruz Jr., Apostila de Cinema

About the Director
Isabel Joffily and Pedro Rossi are Brazilian documentary filmmakers. Together, they wrote and directed the short film Retrato de Carmen D. (21′) in 2015. After Spring is their first feature-length documentary.