• Toronto International Film Festival

  • Cartagena International Film Festival

  • Chicago Latino Film Festival

  • Havana Film Festival

    Coral Post award
  • Fribourg International Film Festival

    Ecumenical Jury Award Best Int'l Feature Film
  • Huelva Ibero-American Film Festival

    Audience Award, Best Feature Film
  • Rio de Janeiro Film Festival

  • Miami Film Festival

  • Warsaw Film Festival

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Spanish with English subtitles

With Elizabeth Martínez, Antonio Jiménez, Pabla Florez, Ana Victoria Rodríguez, Juan José Jiménez, Moisés Ramírez, Miguel Angel Fontalvo, Domingo Zabaleta

Teeming with irrepressible energy, this World Premiere takes us back to 2001 Colombia and to La Suprema, a tiny and remote village in the Caribbean region that is far from any beach and seemingly lost in time.

Laureana is a strong-willed teenager who’s not about to conform to what society or her abuela have in store for her. When she finds out via the newspaper that her estranged uncle is days away from fighting in a boxing world championship in Venezuela, she ignites a spark that will quickly get the whole town on board with watching the match live on national television. The problem? It may be the 21st century, but the village has no electricity and no one has a TV set.

Laureana enlists the help of Efraín (Antonio Jiménez), the local trainer who discovered her uncle years ago. After much hesitation, he agrees to follow her lead and set sail for the big city. All odds are against them, but they know this history-making moment might put their town on the map and it is worth giving it their all.

Director Felipe Holguín Caro’s moving film captures the vibrancy of the town’s inner life; the musicality of daily talk and chores being done by the river, time spent playing dominoes, and just kids being kids. Much more than a setting or background, La Suprema and its inhabitants embody the endearing — and enduring — qualities of collective effort, joy, and pain. – Diana Cavadid, Toronto International Film Festival


“This is a film about Afro Latinos giving themselves another look, either through the mirror or a television that, in this case, they install in their shared village plaza.” – Paolo Kagaoan, In the Seats

La Suprema and its inhabitants embody the endearing — and enduring — qualities of collective effort, joys, and pain.” – Diana Cadavid, Toronto International Film Festival

La Suprema finds beauty in the mundane. ” – Daniel Prinn, The Movie Buff

“A warm-hearted feel-good film, La Suprema is sure to bring a smile to the audience’s faces. ” – Rachel West, That Shelf

About the Director
Felipe Holguín Caro is a Colombian writer and director, co-founder of Cumbia Films. He received awards at different festivals for his short films Mañana (2009), La Suerte del Salao“(2017), and La Cachera (2019). He is also a casting Director and associate producer of El Piedra (2019), a film pre-selected by Colombia for the Oscar and Goya awards. La Suprema (2023), his debut feature, won the Coral Post award in La Habana, premiered at TIFF, and won the Silver Colón Audience Award at the Huelva Film Festival.