Spanish with English subtitles

No other Spanish filmmaker bravely portrays the untouchable issues concerning Spanish comptemporary society better than Icíar Bollaín. Her previous powerful feature Take My Eyes won every major Goya award. This time, Mataharis has been nominated in six categories, including Best Director, Screenplay, Actor and Actress. Bollaín dives into the lives of three private investigators. Inés (Maria Vazquez) is working undercover at a corporation, ostensibly to weed out corruption but actually to report on workers’ efforts to unionize. Eva (Najwa Nimri), recently back at work after maternity leave, struggles to juggle her caseload with family life, when she accidentally discovers a secret her partner has long kept from her. Carmen (Nuria González), investigating a case of adultery, starts reflecting on her own loveless marriage. “Bollaín, a pure storyteller, has made a very complete and alive film. (The film) is an inusual magic trick’: (Jordi Costa: Diario El País)

About the Director
Icíar Bollaín’s interest in cinema can be traced back to her teenage years and her roles in films such as Victor Erice’s El Sur (The South) and Manuel Gutierrez Aragon’s Misadventure (Malaventura). She subsequently appeared in Touching the Bottom, directed by José Luis Cuerda, Land And Freedom (Tierra Y Libertad), by Ken Loach, Jose Luis Borau’s No One Child (Niño Nadie) and Leo, for which she was nominated at the Goya® Academy Awards for Best Actress. She made her debut as a director in 1995 with Hi, Are You Alone? (¿Hola, Estas Sola?) with critical and audience success. She subsequently directed Flowers From Another World (Flores De Otro Mundo), Killing Loves (Amores Que Matan) and Take My Eyes (Te Doy Mis Ojos), for which she won seven Goya® Academy Awards, including Best Director, Best Original Screenplay and Best Film. Then Mataharis came with two Goya® Academy Awards nominations.