Spanish with English subtitles

Upon receiving the news that her father is ill, Angela (Maribel Verdú), and her son Guille, travel to the capital. She arrives too late, and her father’s long-time girlfriend, Charo (Blanca Portillo), explains that the business is far from good. The business in question is a billiard hall with seven tables.  Over theyears, it has has lost it all: style, clients, and money. An idea occurs to Angela: Why not take over the business and try to turn it around? The film display a superb narrative that lead us to a simple, and  perfect, ending. Nominated for 10 Goyas (Spanish Cinema Awards) & 9 Spanish Critics Circle Awards, the film is not just a showcase of magnificent performances by Maribel Verdú (Pan’s Labyrinth) and Blanca Portillo (Volver). It is also a proof of Gracia Querejeta’s rich talent, crowning her as one of the most interesting yet solid filmmakers working today.

About the Director
Gracia Querejeta was born in Madrid, in 1962. She is a Spanish film director. She studied Ancient History in the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. She has been working for 25 years as a screenwriter and director, particularly in television. For the big screen, her credits include ‘Una estacion de paso’ (1992), ‘El ultimo viaje de Robert Rylands’ (1996), ‘Cuando vuelvas a mi lado’ (1999), ‘Héctor’ (2004), ‘Siete mesas de billar francés’ (2007) and ‘Fracaso Escolar’ (2012).