Spanish with English subtitles

For the incarcerated participants of the 2005 Festival of Song, singing love songs is not merely entertainment.  It is also a poignant reminder of the people they left behind. Carles Bosch, director of the Oscar®-nominated Balseros, follows four men and four women in prison. Spanning a year—from September to September, between one festival and the next—the film portrays their love stories.

Despite the hostile environment, this film displays extraordinary emotion an it is an inspiration to all who watch it.  With major accomplishments already under its Belt (Shortlisted for the Best Feature Documentary IDA Awards-International Documentary Association and nominated as Best Documentary Joris Ivens Competition IDFA. Amsterdam), Bosch’s sympathetic and at times humorous vision delight us with a question to answer: Can a documentary capture the true essence of Love?

About the Director
Carles Bosch directed the Oscar®-nominated Balseros, which won a variety of international awards including an Emmy, a Peabody and those of a number of world-class festivals. His documentary feature Septembers was an IDFA finalist and took prizes at Miami and Malaga. Bycicle, Spoon, Apple, received the Goya, the Gaudí and the José María Forqué awards for Best Documentary of the Year. His work as a veteran reporter for 30 Minuts (TV3, Spain) has taken him to the doorstep of major world events: the first Gulf War, the wars in Bosnia and Kosovo and the Zapatista Revolution. Bosch has also chased stories in such countries as Afghanistan, Iran, Chad, Mozambique, Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua and Israel, among others.