The_Naked_Screen_Nicaraguan_film The_Naked_Screen_Nicaraguan_film
  • AFI Latin American Film Festival

  • Montreal World Film Festival

  • Havana International Film Festival

  • Santa Barbara Internatonal Film Festival

  • Huelva Internatonal Film Festival

  • Chicago Latino Film Festival

  • Panama Internatonal Film Festival

  • San Francisco Latino American Film Festival

  • San Diego Latino Film Festival

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Spanish with English subtitles

With Oscar Sinela, Paola Baldión, Roberto Guillén

A cautionary tale about sex, technology, and public shaming set in a Nicaraguan town, Florence Jaugey’s The Naked Screen is a thought-provoking portrait of young people growing up in an increasingly complicated digital age.

Alex and Esperanza are college sweethearts, madly in love and unable to keep their hands off each other. When Alex meets scholarship student Octavio, the two form a quick friendship, with Octavio becoming increasingly obsessed with Alex’s wealthy lifestyle.

In the heat of passion, Alex and Esperanza record an intimate video, and their worst nightmare comes true when they learn Octavio has uploaded it to the internet. From that moment on, nothing will be the same for either one of them.


“This cautionary tale from filmmaker Florence Jaugey (LA YUMA, 2010 AFI Latin American Film Festival) is a searing portrait of love in the digital age.”AFI Silver Spring

“Questioning the role of technology in our private and public lives, The Naked Screen is a relevant portrait of modern day intimacy.”SANTA BARBARA International FILM FESTIVAL

“Jaugey’s film could be viewed as an allegory to today’s online bullying. These individuals sit in their dark rooms, most of the time going unidentified, creating irreversible, devastating impacts to the real life people outside.” – Nelson Carvajal,

About the Director
From 1979 to 1989 Florence Jaugey worked as an actress in France where she acted in more than ten roles in television and film. In 1984 she starred in the movie The President by Cuban director Manuel Octavio Gómez, filmed in Nicaragua. In 1990, along with the Frank Pineda, she founded Camila Films, based in Nicaragua. In 1993, she moved to Mexico, where she teaches at the National Film School (CCC) and in the school of theater Ludwig Margules. In 1995 she returned to Nicaragua to work in the production and casting of Ken Loach’s film Carla’s Song. In 1998 she won the Silver Bear at the 48th Berlin International Film Festival with her short film Cinema Alcázar and in 2001 she was awarded the prize of the Society of Authors in the International Documentary Festival “Cinema du Reel” at the Museum of Modern Art in Paris, France. Jaugey’s debut feature, La Yuma (2010), won 16 international awards and was selected to represent Nicaragua at the Oscars 2011.