Chronicle of the ENd of the World_Spanish Film Chronicle of the ENd of the World_Spanish Film Chronicle of the ENd of the World_Spanish Film
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In Spanish with English subtitles

With Víctor Hugo Morant, Jimmy Vásquez, Claudia Aguirre, Juan Carlos Ortega, Ángel Vásquez Aguirre.

Pablo, a 70-year-old retired professor, has shut himself away in his apartment since the day his wife was killed in a terrorist attack 20 years ago. Disenchanted and skeptical about the world, he whittles away his days by systematically insulting and complaining over the phone to all who have ever offended him in the past.

Felipe, his son and father of a newborn, confronts the world with fear and hopelessness as he struggles to get by without a job in an unstable world. Meanwhile, the world itself waits for its own end—an end before the end is coming.

About the Director
Mauricio Cuervo was born in 1970. He has studies in History, Law, and Theater. He received a degree in Film and Television Production from the National University in 2000. He has combined his life as a screenwriter and documentary filmmaker with an academic career.

For the last seven years he has been directing university programs such as Film and Television Production, Photography, and Acting. He has also been teaching Production, Film and Television History, and Film Theory in several universities.

Chronicle of the End of the World is his opera prima as feature film director.