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  • Guadalajara Int'l Film Festival

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Spanish with English subtitles

With Pedro Miranda, Iris Palau, Isamar Gopar

Two people are closely related by unconventional forms of life and vision: Pedro Miranda, a young, blind visual artist; and Iris Palau, a clairvoyant.

Enlightened is a creative documentary with a touch of black humor and with an oneiric atmosphere that deals with mystery, blindness, arts, and experimentation. It bets on the exploration of the thin line dividing the visible from the invisible.

About the Director
Jorge Curioca (1977) is a Mexican director and writer and a founding partner of the production company Dedo Gordo. He wrote and directed the documentaries Soneros Son, released at Ambulante 2016, and A la vuelta de la esquina, released at Documenta Madrid in 2011. He also directed the animated short films Pesos pesados and The Spinning-Top; the fiction short films VórtexLandscape after the battle, and Bingo!, released at the Boston Latino International Film Festival, and the documentary short films Insomnes, winner of the Audiovisual Creativity award at Encuentros Navarra and released at Gijon Film Festival; Juego ligeroVíctorTestimonios, and Goris, released in Ambulante 2018. He also directed the TV show Los invisibles, conceived by Gael García Bernal. He has published the books of poetry U/NO and Libretas.
Notes on Film

“Enlightened wants to get close to the perception of a blind person — Pedro’s dreams, memories, and imagination — and of a clairvoyant — Iris’s mysterious approach to the invisible; and it wants to observe the eccentric and isolated life of Pedro, his enigmatic visual art and his unusual relationships with his family, friends, and animals.”

– Jorge Curioca, Director