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Spanish and Catalan with English subtitles

With Zaida Carmona, Rocío Saiz, Alba Cros, Christina Rosenvinge

A five-way lesbian sitcom that takes place in the bathrooms, beds, and streets of Barcelona.

Freshly dumped and looking for a rebound, Zaida returns to Barcelona and befriends a local group of lesbians. In their hasty search for love, they rove from relationship to relationship; tearing each other apart, wandering from ex-girlfriend to ex-girlfriend.


“A very personal tribute to films that have had an impact on its director, to the stories that have inspired her to dream. But, above all, to the friends who are a part of her life and to whom she is also indebted. It ultimately becomes a delightful film to watch, beautiful and hilarious. A film that manages to go beyond these references to stand on its own.” – Julia Olmo, Cineuropa

“The end result is quite charming.” – Leslie Felperin, The Guardian

About the Director
Zaida Carmona has a degree in Audiovisual Communication from UPF of Barcelona and a Master’s degree in Screenplay from the Carlos III University of Madrid. She has worked as an editor on television and in media such as Notodo and Vice. She currently works in marketing and communication at Filmin. She hosts a podcast with Cristina Pastrana called “Girlfriends and Girlfriends”.

Together with the writer and screenwriter Diana Aller, Carmona has created the content production company JaJaJa Industrias. In cinema, she has collaborated as an actress in Marc Ferrer’s films and has directed several short films and video clips, including Son ilusiones, presented at D’A 2021. Girlfriends and Girlfriends is her first feature film.