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Catalan with English subtitles

Militiawomen narrates the intense investigation to discover the identity of five militia-women executed in Mallorca in 1936. One picture and the existence of an anonymous journal, attributed to one of them, are the only clues. Is it possible, 80 years later, to discover the identity of those who remain silenced at the bottom of the graves?

About the Directors
Tània Balló‘s first projects were two collective works, 200 km (2003), presented at the San Sebastian Festival, and Between the Dictator and I (2005), a film where several directors born after Franco’s death reflect on his lost memory. She also produced the Argentinean award winning film Infancia clandestina (2013), by Benjamín Ávila, and co-directed, with Serrana Torres and Manuel Jiménez-Nuñez, Las Sinsombrero (2015), a transmedia project with a broad social impact.

Jaume Miró has created and co-directed the documentary Milicianes (2018). He is also the author of different plays for children and the director of plays for different editions of Microteatre and Teatre Breu in the Balearic Islands. In 1999 he founded the company Noctàmbuls.