Murals_Spanish Film_Street Art
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Spanish with English subtitles

In 2009, the Joan Miró Foundation in Barcelona organized an exhibition that brought together a group of contemporary mural artists from very different cultural and stylistic backgrounds. The documentary follows the artists as they work and discuss the use of an empty wall as a canvas and expressive medium. The participants included women from Djajibiné Soninke, Mauritania; New York Times illustrator and editor Brian Rea; Thai muralist Sakarin Krue-On; Mexican artist Jeronimo Hagerman; Nuria + Eltono from Spain; and many others. In all, twelve artists participated of the exhibit.

About the Director
Born in Alicante. Pilar moved to Madrid in 1985. Pilar joined Canal+’s production team in 1993 where she produced Lisboa, Faca no Coração, and Poet in New York, an Emmy-nomimated documentary about Lorca’s life in New York.Her productions/co-productions include Dali, Master of Dreams, Picasso and His Women, Chavela Vargas, 50 Years Waiting for Mr. Marshall, and Fame and his Entourage. In 2007, Pilar created her own production company: TRANSIT SL Productions, which produced the dramatic film Crebinsky.