• Mostra - São Paulo Int'l Film Festival

  • Rio de Janeiro Int'l Film Festival

    Special Mention
  • Amsterdam Int'l Documentary Film Festival

  • FICCI Cartagena Film Festival

  • Sydney Film Festival

  • Munich Int'l Documentary Festival

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Portuguese with English subtitles

Daniel de Castro Gonçalves was born with a disability that no doctor has been able to diagnose. In this personal documentary, the young Rio-based filmmaker traces his life’s path to try to understand his condition.


“Daniel builds the narrative by alternating home movies, made mostly by his parents, and more finished records of the present. The encounter between images from these different times reveals a filmmaker who is used to the presence of the camera, with a trained eye for capturing the spontaneous gestures of his characters, as well as for what to keep and what to exclude in a film. Much because of this, the film escapes from becoming an indulgent autobiography, since the act of filming one's own life appears as a natural extension of decades-long family habits.” – Wallace Andrioli, Revista Moviement

About the Director
Daniel de Castro Gonçalves, born in Brazil and Rio-based, is the director of My Name is Daniel, a personal and moving documentary about a rare disability. The film had a long and favorable career in Film Festivals.