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Spanish and French with English Subtitles

Role & Role offers a thought-provoking exploration of the influence of media, advertising, and fiction on the creation of female role models and its impact on societal perceptions and decision-making. This documentary poses the crucial question: can a more authentic portrayal of women in media lead to a shift towards greater gender equality and recognition of women as leaders?

Despite comprising 51% of the population, women and girls are consistently underrepresented in various forms of media, including films, television shows, children’s content, and advertisements, with a representation ratio of approximately 1 out of 3.

Through a collection of compelling testimonies from diverse women leaders, spanning fields such as politics, economics, science, literature, art, and social activism, Role & Role delves into the significance of role models in shaping identity, exploring the influences behind these leaders’ journeys and analyzing their reception by society.

This documentary serves as a valuable resource for educators and librarians seeking to initiate discussions on gender representation and empowerment within their classrooms and communities. It is relevant for Women, Gender, Media, and Communication Studies, among many other disciplines.

About the Director
Currently one of the most prestigious and relevant directors in Spain, Chus Gutiérrez was born in Granada in 1962. She studied at City College in New York and shot her first feature film ‘Sublet’ in 1991 in the United States. The short won the Golden Snail at the Atlántico Alcances film Festival in Cadiz. In Spain, she directed Oral Sex (Sexo oral, 1994) and Gypsy Soul (Alma Gitana, 1995). El calentito (2005) is a film set in the times of the ‘movida Madrileña’ counter-culture, and Return to Hansala (Retorno a Hansala, 2008) tells of the problems faced by African immigrants. In 2010, she took part with the Institute for Women in the project ‘Women in Cinema’, a travelling show of Spanish films directed by women. She has also been an actress in Take my Eyes by Icíar Bollaín.

Since her parents took hear for the Tablaos for the first time as a child, she has many times visited the Sacromonte and has had a permanent contact with the Zambra.