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Portuguese with English subtitles

Activist, speaker, and former French consul Alexandra Loras sheds light on the history and the contemporary landscape of racial dynamics in Brazil. With a focus on uplifting narratives, she brings forth a compelling exploration of the true representation of the black community in both the consumer and labor markets.

Loras passionately examines the pivotal role played by black women in fostering entrepreneurial thinking, emphasizing their resilience and contributions. Through her insightful perspective, she addresses behavioral patterns entrenched over generations that have hindered countless individuals from realizing their full potential.

In this enlightening journey through the layers of Brazilian society, Loras reveals the nation’s deep diversity and interconnectedness. While acknowledging Brazil’s cordial nature, she invites us to reflect on the latent scars of racism that persist, encouraging a positive dialogue for a more inclusive and harmonious future.


“One of the few Brazilian audiovisual productions in which most of the professionals involved are black people. The doc portrays the formation of the Brazilian people, leadership of black women in entrepreneurship and behavioral patterns that shape our society.” – Jão Nicomedes, Cultura Preta

“A film that shows the historical formation of Brazilians up to the current scenario, portraying the scars and structures of racism still present in society.”Bantumen

About the Director
Alexandra Loras was born in Paris. She is the daughter of a French mother and a Gambian father. As a businesswoman, business consultant, and author of books, she has worked for more than 20 years in the field of personal and business transformation and is the founder of Fórum Protagonismo Feminino. Alexandra has contributed to information and communication technology companies such as IBM France, TF1, and France Télévisions. She works with business leaders to create a more balanced climate in organizations, where awareness of gender and racial diversity is as important as business prosperity. Unconscious Revealed is her first feature documentary.
Notes on Film
“There is cordial racial segregation in Brazil and this is one of the focuses of Unconscious Revealed. In the documentary, we expose the roots of Brazilian behavior as well as the biases of thought that build this diverse, but austere nation, in which the culture of racism is still latent. We want to portray an economic and social issue. Black people have always been portrayed and placed in positions that disadvantage our image and our purpose is precisely to break this stereotype and magnify all the contribution we made to Brazil for the formation of its people.”
– Alexandra Loras, Director