• Argentine Film Critics Association Awards

    Silver Condor - Best Documentary Nominee
  • Premios Sur - Argentinian Academy Award

    Best Documentary, Best Editing Nominee
  • Latin Arab Film Festival

    Special Mention
  • Mostra São Paulo Int'l Film Festival

  • Havana Film Festival

  • Lateinamerikanische Tage Leipzig

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Spanish, Arabic, Hebrew, with English subtitles

With Nur Al Levi, Frieda Geffner, Abu Harbed

Us, Them, and Me provides a vivid firsthand account of Nicholas Avruj’s 2000 journey. Originally intended as a family vacation to Tel Aviv, Avruj’s insatiable curiosity led him to venture further, crossing into Gaza and the West Bank. With only his camera as company, he became a guest in the homes of both Palestinians and Israelis, immersing himself in their daily lives for months on end.

Today, the film serves as a poignant testament to the power of storytelling and the potential for empathy to bridge even the most profound divides. Us, Them, and Me is essential viewing to understand better the current conflict.


“A valuable proposal both for the honesty and nobility of its director/protagonist and for the heartbreaking power of its images.” – Diego Batlle, La Nación

“Avruj looks and does not judge, he observes carefully and decides not to point an accusing finger. He observes and never underlines the horror.” – Hugo F. Sánchez, Tiempo Argentino

About the Director
Nicolás Avruj was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is a producer, and a filmmaker. In 2015, he released his debut feature-length documentary film Us, Them, and Me at BAFICI and commercially in theaters in Argentina and Brazil obtaining the prize of the Argentine Association of Writers -Argentores.
Avruj founded CAMPO CINE together with Diego Lerman. In 2017, he produced Lerman’s multi-award-winning A Sort of Family. In 2019, he co-produced Monos, by Alejandro Landes – the film won the Special Jury Award at Sundance – and Maternal which won Special Mention and FIPRESCI at Locarno. In 2020 he coproduced an adaptation of Paul Auster’s In The Country of Last Things, directed by Alejandro Chomsky. The same year, he coproduced Pablo Agüero’s Akelarre.
Notes on Film

“I hate it when people ask me if I’m pro-Israel or pro-Palestine. When I went to Israel in 2000, I had no idea where the trip would take me. I come from a Jewish family with a deep sense of tradition and progressive ideals. I filmed it all. I found myself on a trip that I could never have imagined. I returned to Argentina, but I couldn’t deal with the documentary.

Us, Them, and Me is not a film about the conflict. It is a film that deals –with a sense of paranoia- with a conflict on how the conflict is seen, and how it is perceived. But mainly it is a film of a young person (a young me) who faces the dilemma of every grown-up: how much do the traditions weigh? How do the invisible threads of family and love balance the social and moral crossroads that I faced? Where shall I draw the line? Where do I stand? Is it worth believing in the other? What’s a community?

Anyway… I don’t want to limit the questions that arise when making the documentary by writing them down.”

– Nicolás Avruj, Director