Angelica_Spanish film Angelica_Spanish film
  • Buenos Aires Independent Film Festival

  • Doclisboa

  • Ourense International Film Festival

  • Festival/Tokyo

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Spanish with English subtitles

With Angélica Liddell

Recipient of important awards in Spain and abroad, Angélica Liddell’s dramaturgy is considered one of the most avant-garde in contemporary European theater. As Liddell starts working in her new play, director Manuel Fernández-Valdés decides to capture her rehearsal process on camera.

The hallmarks of Liddell’s autobiographical work are social criticism, heartrending expressionism, purity and the search for meaning through pain and subversion. These characteristics affect the essence of her working method and the people who work with her. Each one of them, including Fernández-Valdés, must decide how far they are willing to go.

Angélica [a tragedy] is an insightful look to the theater stage process, the devotion to art, and the troubled relationship between creation and life.


“The Spanish actress/writer/director has been an emotional force through her dramatic works, which tear apart intellectual pretensions with brutal precision. Manuel Fernández-Valdés’ documentary marks the first time that Liddell has allowed cameras into her rehearsal process…A strong optional purchase.” – P. Hall, VIDEOLIBRARIAN

“The most powerful, audacious, sincere, lucid and intelligent of the artists that appeared in recent times.”Le Figaro

“Violent, provocative, impudent and blasphemous, her work shakes the stones.”Le Monde

“You can blame her for everything you want, except that she is anodyne.”Libération

“Angelica Liddell has become her own character, it is impossible to separate her life from her work. She is the suicidal who never dare to commit suicide; she lives from and in her wound, amused and disgusted by it at the same time in the same way that she loves and hates herself.” – Ana Vidal Egea, Professor City University of New York, Writer “The Theater of Angélica Liddell (1988-2009)"

“The documentary portrays how the intimate pain that Liddell’s autobiographical theater gathers affects not only her, but also everybody working with her. Each of them has to decide how far are they willing to go. ”Gacetin Madrid

About the Director
Manuel Fernández-Valdés (Pontevedra, 1979) debuted in 2008 with the full-length documentary Manuel y Elisa (Manuel and Elisa), award-winning at the Play-Doc festival (Tui).
 In 2012 he premiered his second full-length documentary Fraga y Fidel sin embargo (Fraga and Fidel after all), which was showed in Dífferent 6! L’autre cínema espagnol (Paris), Cineteca (Madrid), Alcances (Cádiz), IBAFF (Murcia), Cineuropa (Santiago de Compostela) and CGAI (A Coruña). Angélica [una tragedia] (Angélica [a tragedy]) is his latest film.
Notes on Film

Angélica in not a film about how an artist rehearses her work, but of how she rehearses her life; alone in front of the mirror.

Manuel Fernández-Valdéz, Director