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Spanish with English subtitles

With Jorge Pardo

A captivating journey into the heart of flamenco music through the lens of Jorge Pardo, an indispensable artist in the evolution of contemporary flamenco. Over two years, Emilio Belmonte and his team accompanied the renowned flutist and saxophonist, a key figure in Paco de Lucía’s sextet, on a global exploration. The film documents encounters with extraordinary musicians like Chick Corea, Niño Josele, Duquende, and Ana Morales, as they collaborate for a unique concert titled “Trance.”

This flamenco road movie not only captures exceptional musical moments but also delves into the challenges faced by Jorge Pardo in navigating the realm of flamenco-jazz fusion. Pardo’s magnetic charisma and his view of art as inseparable from life drive the narrative, making this documentary one of the most ambitious musical films in recent years.

About the Director
After studying engineering and literature in Valencia, Emilio Belomonte moved to France in 1999 and began directing documentaries for television. Belmonte worked for several Spanish channels as a director before making documentaries for the audiovisual (France TV, ARTE) and for the film industry.

Trance is the second part of Emilio’s documentary trilogy on flamenco, focusing on its three fundamental disciplines: dance (Impulso, about Rocío Molina, 2017), instrumental music (Trance, 2022), and singing (planned).

Notes on Film

Trance presents Jorge Pardo, one of the most important Spanish musicians of the last decades. Beyond the undeniable value of his musical career – in a career marked by geniuses such as Camarón – Jorge is a master of music and also of a way of life, of a gentle resistance to the laws of the market, to appearances, and to the ego.

Incorruptible in his way of understanding and sharing music, Jorge lives as he plays and plays as he lives. A Persian poem sums up what I wanted to leave of Jorge Pardo in Trance: “If I have any life left, I will return to the tavern. And apart from serving the wise men, I will do nothing else”. So be it. We will meet there, maestro, once again.

I have always wanted to make a documentary about the world of flamenco. A desire that has grown with time and distance since I came to live in France when I was 22 years old. Not a historical film, but a film of my time, a time in which flamenco dialogues with other musical traditions. A film that follows in the footsteps of flamenco cinematography but is radically different: a film that integrates my experience through this music in cinematographical narration.

I met Jorge Pardo 20 years ago. His music and his conception of art and life have been with me ever since. It is difficult to understand the recent history of flamenco without taking into account his immense contribution, the fusion of two music that were not predisposed to fusion: jazz and flamenco. The meeting of the young jazz musician Jorge Pardo and the legendary guitarist Paco de Lucía in the early 80s made this fusion a reality. Jorge Pardo’s story is the story of contemporary flamenco, and with him, we embark on an adventure to the four corners of the world in search of precious and rare musical moments. This film is a challenge that I fully assume. My vision of Jorge Pardo is born from a shared heritage and turns resolutely towards the world.”

– Emilio Belmonte, Director